Jun 27, 2011

Fownd Some Beads

As I was perusing through Michael's the other day, I spotted these beads and knew I needed to create something with them.  I chose the easiest thing - a stretch bracelet.  Here's how easy this is:

Jun 15, 2011

Fownd: Francessca's Collection

You know when you just need (want) to run out and get a new top or dress for an outing or for retail therapy? Normally for me that would include a quick trip over to Target or Kohl's, but not anymore.  Francesca's Collection is a beautiful little boutique full of everything girly.  First I ran into shelves and tables of jewelry, purses, gifts, and trinkets. I noticed the racks of beautiful clothes, nestled up against the walls in the back of the store. Did I meticulously rummage my way through it all? Nope, my radar took me right to the middle of the store where I found the sale table. My instincts were right that day, because I found an outfit for under $30.  That's right, I got this strapless black and white print dress, black cardigan, and black purse with gold hardware.  Each item was 30% off the sale price.  What a deal!  Francesca's has locations all over the country, and an fun website that you can order from.  If you sign up for their email list you will be able to get in on some fantastic deals. 

dress, purse, cardigan: Francesca's Collection  watch: Fossil  shoes: Target

Jun 13, 2011

Fownd Heirlooms

It's so great to find something beautiful that can also pay honor to your family.  I found a few treasures from my grandparent's house this weekend.  Sometimes when you have to let go, it helps to have a little something to hold onto.

A pretty, safe place to hold my rings while I slather on beauty products

A handkerchief that belonged to my grandfather

Even a cute black belt

shirt-Walmart   jeans-Banana Republic

Jun 10, 2011

Fownd a project

This is a fun and easy craft idea. I bought iron-on printer paper at a craft store along with a 3 pack of tote bags and some ribbon.  All together it cost me around $20. This craft can be adapted in so many ways. 

Here's how I did it:

1. I tied bows and stitched them onto the bags.

2. I printed out 3 copies of a picture and cut them out.

3. I ironed them onto the bags face up.

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