Jul 28, 2011

Life & Style : Lucky Magazine

I am entering a contest with Lucky Magazine to become their new lifestyle contributor. I have submitted the first of 5 articles for the contest. In a week or so, I will be submitting the second. With the third challenge, I will have to have enough votes to move on to the 4th and 5th final challenge. Here's the exciting part:

"The prize is $10,000 and the opportunity to contribute articles to Lucky as well as collaborate with Editor in Chief Brandon Holley and her team. Winner will be assigned at least three (3) articles in a six (6) month period."

One of my dreams is to work for/with a magazine, and I love Lucky Magazine. I'm excited to challenge myself and work toward my dream.

Please visit the site and read my first submission on my career style. Then, vote for me! I will send out an email for each submission, and would appreciate as many votes as you can give.


Life & Style : Lucky Magazine

Jul 22, 2011

Fownd A Fun Hairstyle


I found this fantastic video tutorial on how to get bohemian waves.  Sunnie Brook Jones has a great beauty blog with short, informative, fun posts, videos, and tips.  I tried this and here are my results: 

shirt: Marshall's, belt: Rue21, shorts: made from a pair of capris

The next day, I used the same technique with a smaller curling iron, and that gave me the look I was wanting.

Jul 9, 2011

Fownd Some Rest

When my sister-in-law was contemplating getting another dog, I told her "You get one dog and love it so much, you get another.  Then you have a baby and then you tell yourself 'Why did I get so many dogs?'" (They now have two dogs and are expecting a baby soon.)  

Aren't dogs supposed to bring companionship, relaxation, therapy? Mine did, until I had a baby.  
Now it's 
barking - at the door, at each other, at nothing, while the baby's sleeping.
whining - for a toy, for food, for attention, while I'm busy with the baby.

Dog Whisperer, please help. My whispers turn into yells, which do not translate to dog language.

I sit here writing this after the most annoying morning with my dogs.  I sit here during the most beautiful monsoon evening with my Yorkie on my lap.  Both of us lavishing the cool, moist wind blowing our hair/fur. Dogs can still provide therapy after all, if you take the time to let them.
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