May 26, 2011

Thursday (Late)lies

Well, here I am late tonight, still wanting to post my Thursday favorites.  It's technically still Thursday, so I'm cool.  Don't forget to check out Thursday Latelies at bex...a style diary.

I have been too busy to get cute enough to post full pics, so here are some feet shots of what I have been loving lately... jeweled flats.  I found these beauties at Target.

I have been inspired lately by Chloe at  She is amazingly stylish, and I love her flats.

So when I spotted these in Vegas in the Monte Carlo Hotel, I couldn't resist.

Technically, and oddly enough, my dad bought both of these for me.  He is my #1 fan.  Always has been. :)

May 19, 2011

Fownd Perspective: Thursday Latelies

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a great blog called Bex...A Style Diary.  Bex is inspiring with her great outfits (on a budget), and her positive attitude.  I am linking up with her Thursday Latelies post. She encourages her readers to stop and think about the things that have brought them joy this week.  This can be powerful, especially when you've had a rough week.  When I started reflecting on my week, only the challenging things came to mind.  As I starting finding the good, it just kept coming to me until I had a long list of joyful things. Thanks, Bex.  

Crafts make me happy.  I picked up these embellishments at JoAnn's for about $2 each and glued them to a headband for me, and a barrette for the baby.  We are going to wear them to my brother's wedding this weekend.

Speaking of the wedding, I wanted to find a gift that was personalized, unique, and affordable.  I was not having luck, until I found Fancyprints on Etsy.  I ordered the Love Birds in a Tree print.  It's perfect!

Baby's first trip to the zoo! 

Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha! After a few hard weeks of weaning, I'm about done.  It's been an emotional and physical rollercoaster, but something that's brought me joy is adding a little caffeine back into my life after a two year hiatus.

These are just a few things that have brought me joy.  What has brought you joy this week?  Check out Bex...A Style Diary.  There are more links to other Thursday Latelies. 

May 9, 2011

Fownd: Party Ideas

1. Name banner created with Word
2. Party hat idea and tutorial from Oh Happy Day!
3. Letter monograms from Martha Stewart
4. Pom-Poms tutorial from Martha Stewart
5. Number cake templates from Martha Stewart
6. Month-by-Month banner created with
7. Monogram sign inspired by Oh Happy Day!

I hit up the local JoAnn's for some scrapbook paper and ribbon, and the dollar store for tissue paper, plates, cups, napkins, and plastic table cloths. It took a lot of time to create these, but it was fun and I like them better than store-bought decor. There are a lot of websites and Etsy shops where you can buy party decorations and print them out.  They are very cute, but with a little research I was able to find everything I wanted online for free.

If you have any type of party coming up, you should check out Karas Party Ideas. It's an amazing blog with tons of ideas and pictures.

May 6, 2011

Birds of a Feather

 I wanted to share this cute summer dress with you.  I haven't been a dress girl since I was 5, but they became my favorite thing to wear when I was pregnant last year.  I do feel a bit more put together when I wear them.  Even this light, summery one.  One thing I like about this dress is the subtle pattern. In these pics you probably can't tell that there are little birds all over it.  I've been drawn to patterns with birds lately, which is interesting because I have always had this strange phobia about birds flying near my head. I know... it's weird.

p.s. My door is really not crooked, I'm just learning how to use a tripod.

Dress: Walmart $12   Cardigan: Marshall's   Shoes: Target

May 5, 2011

30% off at Francesca's Collections

One of my favorites at Francesca's Collection

Check out Dear Baby, a beautiful blog, and get a code to get 30% off at Francesca's Collections good through May 11. I already own two of their dresses that I bought at ridiculous prices with discounts like this one. Oh yeah, and a cardigan, purse, and sunglasses.  I finally bought a tripod today, so (fingers crossed) I will post pics soon.

May 3, 2011

Loving Coral

I am loving this new nail polish color I received for my birthday (Thanks, Dad). I love the color!  It's actually called "Papa Don't Peach". (Perfect!)  I don't know why I haven't tried this color before.  I usually go for a pink, red, or light shimmery color for summer. This is my new pink! I love the way it looks on my toes. It also comes with a cute little flower toe ring. It's available online or at Ulta.

Mom always said I should be a foot model. This one's for you, mom.

I have been wanting this new lip/cheek color from Pixi. It's called "Coral Camellia". It has lip balm in the tube and a coordinating lip/cheek tint in the cap. I love makeup that's two in one.  It's available online or at Target.
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