Jul 9, 2011

Fownd Some Rest

When my sister-in-law was contemplating getting another dog, I told her "You get one dog and love it so much, you get another.  Then you have a baby and then you tell yourself 'Why did I get so many dogs?'" (They now have two dogs and are expecting a baby soon.)  

Aren't dogs supposed to bring companionship, relaxation, therapy? Mine did, until I had a baby.  
Now it's 
barking - at the door, at each other, at nothing, while the baby's sleeping.
whining - for a toy, for food, for attention, while I'm busy with the baby.

Dog Whisperer, please help. My whispers turn into yells, which do not translate to dog language.

I sit here writing this after the most annoying morning with my dogs.  I sit here during the most beautiful monsoon evening with my Yorkie on my lap.  Both of us lavishing the cool, moist wind blowing our hair/fur. Dogs can still provide therapy after all, if you take the time to let them.

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