Feb 9, 2011

Fownd: A New Hairstyle!

 I don't know about you, but I normally have 3 hairstyles: down (straight), down (curly), or a ponytail.  This is due to my lack of hairstyling skills and my fine hair.  I found a great product that gives me 1 more style to add to my routine. 

The Goody Spin Pin is a great $5 find that does the work of 20 bobby pins.  If I tried this with bobby pins I would have to use 20, and by the end they would all be falling out. The Spin Pin is two corkscrew pins. There is no need for bobby pins or hair elastics.

First, you simply twist your hair into a bun. Next, you take one Spin Pin and twist it clockwise into the bun from the top down. Then, you take the second pin and twist it from the bottom up. That is it, I swear! It is easy, fast, and it holds (even fine hair).

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