Feb 3, 2011

With Flowers in our Hair

 After I had my baby daughter, I started seeing these adorable babies with huge flowers on their heads.  What could be cuter? I knew I had to have some.  After looking around and refusing to pay $8 for one, I went online.  I found this amazing website that offers great deals and selections on flowers, headbands, hats, tutus, and more.  It's called www.girlscrochetheadbands.com .  I got this great flower and hat for my daughter.  I looked at the flowers, and decided that I could make them even cheaper. Here's how I did it:

First, I took apart the plastic on the flower.  Then, I hot glued all the petals together.  I actually glued two flowers together to make it more full.  I even made one by mixing pink and purple flowers.  Some of the cutest ones I've seen are a mixture of colors and sizes.  Next, I hot glued a jewel to the middle and a clip on the back. That's it! 

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